Meet the Expert: Brittany Barton of Sparkle Kitchen

    Brittany Barton meet the expert

    Brittany Barton is the creator and author of On her website, she shares weekly recipes that are tasty, gluten-free, and dairy-free. She also writes tips to help follow a healthy lifestyle. Brittany believes a healthy body leads to a healthy mind and that food is the best preventive medicine. Sparkle Kitchen gives you the tools to become a more sparkly version of you!

    Brittany has recently released a cookbook entitled The Sparkle Kitchen Cookbook which contains 72 gluten-free and dairy free recipes that are also free of refined sugar and soy! She hits all the points with these scrumptious recipes!

    To learn more about her cookbook and journey to shining health and sustainable living, we’ve caught up with Brittany to get the inspire scoop on how to sparkle with health.

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