10 Healthy Cookbooks to Inspire Better Meals

love and lemons cookbook jeanine donofrio

Photo: Jeanine Donofrio/The Love & Lemons Cookbook

Cooking an amazing and incredible meal doesn’t always have to mean using a stick of butter and oodles of sugar. Healthy cooking can also taste great and not use ingredients that maybe aren’t so great for your body. But perhaps healthy inspirations have not yet hit and those Oreo brownies you found on Pinterest just sound more appealing to make. To help with your cooking rut and get some healthy recipes in your kitchen, here are 10 healthy cookbooks to kick start your healthy and clean eating!

spices of life nina simonds healthy cookbook

Photo: Nina Simonds/Spices of Life

1.  Spices of Life: Simple and Delicious Recipes for Great Health

From author Nina Simonds, Spices of Life, provides 175 recipes of health-giving foods. She focuses on a variety of food, spices, and herbs collected from cultures around the world. These recipes will satisfy your hunger and take your plate to countries around the world.

2. The America’s Test Kitchen Healthy Family Cookbook

From recipe-testing experts, America’s Test Kitchen, comes the Healthy Family Cookbook. With 800 foolproof recipes ranging from breakfast to dessert, there is a healthy dish for everyone in the family! Even the pickiest of eaters will fall in love with these delicious and good-for-you recipes.

the new mediterranean diet cookbook nancy harmon jenkins

Photo: Nancy Harmon Jenkins/The New Mediterranean Diet Cookbook

3. The New Mediterranean Diet Cookbook

Nancy Harmon Jenkins bring the best of the Mediterranean in her cookbook. From Spain, to Greece, and North Africa, 92 beautiful dishes fill this book. Easy to prepare and healthy, these simple dishes will impress! Try these out and eat like they do in the Mediterranean!

the eating well in a hurry cookbook jim romanoff

Photo: Jim Romanoff/Eating Well in a Hurry

4. The EatingWell Healthy in a Hurry Cookbook

Ever find yourself wanting to make a home cooked dinner but lack the time? Don’t resort to take out and ruin your day of healthy eating- check out EatingWell’s cookbook from Jim Romanoff. Filled with 150 health recipes that cook in 45 minutes or less, healthy dinners have never been easier!

gluten-free bible cookbook tate hunt

Photo: Tate Hunt/The Gluten-Free Bible

5. Gluten Free Bible

Gluten doesn’t always agree with everyone. Tate Hunt offers over 100 recipes that are gluten free in The Gluten-Free Bible. From recipes for cookies, cakes, and even pizza, you won’t even believe there isn’t any gluten in these delicious recipes!


clean eating made simple cookbook

Photo: Rockridge Press/Clean Eating Made Simple

6. Clean Eating Made Simple

Want to eat clean and healthy but are overwhelmed by all the information? Clean Eating Made Simple demystifies and simplified wholesome clean diets. With over 110 healthy recipes and easy clean eating meal plans, you can get back to the basic of wholesome eating and get your body feeling great!

its all easy cookbook gwyneth paltrow

Photo: Gwyneth Paltrow/It’s All Easy

7. It’s All Easy

Gwyneth Paltrow has become an icon in the healthy and clean eating realm. Sharing more than 125 of her favorite recipes in It’s All Easy, her dishes are family approved and allow you can create healthy eats without spending hours in the kitchen. Check out these recipes to get your Gwyneth-Glow on!

the love and lemons cookbook jeanine donofrio

Photo: Jeanine Donofrio/The Love & Lemons Cookbook

8. The Love and Lemons Cookbook

Inspired from farmers market finds, Jeanine Donofrio brings you The Love and Lemons Cookbook. Filled with simple dishes using seasonal ingredients, these recipes will allow you to be inspired by all your favorite produce. The book also includes resources on how to stock your pantry to accommodate gluten-free and vegan diets, which each recipe can be adjusted for. Try out these mouthwatering recipes!

against all grain cookbook danielle walker

Photo: Danielle Walker/Against All Grain

9. Against All Grain

If a Paleo diet works for you and your body, Danielle Walker’s book Against All Grain is a great resource to have for grain-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free cooking. Accompanied by beautiful photos, Danielle’s recipes won’t have you missing any of those grains! Test out these recipes to heal your body through food.

100 days of real food cookbook healthy lisa leake

Photo: Lisa Leake/100 Days of Real Food

10. 100 Days of Real Food

From blog author 100 Days of Real Food, Lisa Leake presents her cookbook documenting her journey and family-friendly recipes that eliminate all processed foods. If looking for a way to clean up yours and your family’s diet, this book is a great starting point!



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