10 Wedding Shower Theme Ideas for the Couple that Cooks

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Celebrate the cooking-couple-to-be in your life with a shower that reflects their culinary personalities.

From enchanting invitations to delicate desserts, the heart and soul of wedding showers begin with choosing a theme that captures a couple’s personality and creative taste.

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1. Green Garden Wedding Shower

The Theme: Dig up your favorite gardening gloves as you shower your happy couple with succulents, fresh herbs, and sprouting vegetables. Host your wedding  shower outdoors in a garden or greenhouse and surround your guests with crisp blooms. An idea we love: Place hand-decorated seed packets in wicker baskets for guests (they make for adorable invitations or favors).

The Food: Crisp, fresh, and green is a theme that can be carried into the event’s menu, as well. Host a buffet salad bar, cucumber avocado toast, and fresh fruit drinks, like mango spinach smoothies, for guests to enjoy.

The Cookbook Gift: Love is in bloom. Ask guests to bring along a favorite slow-food recipe, as well as a jar of their go-to herb or spice. These will surely fill their lazy Susan and cookbook with fresh ideas.

2. Afternoon Tea Shower

The Theme: Add an air of old-fashioned English refinement to the festivities for the classy couple in your life. Set up round tables for small groups of shower guests to mingle around, then serve a traditional English tea, complete with a doily on every saucer. Add a few pastel-colored flower arrangements to tables for a light and airy feel.

The Food: Towers of sweet and savory snacks are the perfect accompaniment for pots of hot tea. An assortment of finger sandwiches — with the crusts cut off — is a must, along with classic deviled eggs,  freshly baked blueberry muffins, and petits-fours from a local bakery will be a sweet sendoff.

The Cookbook Gift: Encourage guests to bring a favorite fancy indulgence for the couple to enjoy in the time leading up to their wedding day — plus a recipe for their favorite snack to enjoy with a warm cup of tea or coffee. (Then, create a custom cookbook with all the tea-time favorites as a wedding gift.)

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3. Kitchen Gadget Wedding Shower

The Theme: There’s a reason so many wedding registries feature pages and pages of culinary gifts: Cooking is something newlyweds can enjoy together! If they love being in the kitchen, consider a shower themed around tools to keep their drawers and cabinets fully stocked.

The Food: From bowls to blenders and everything in between, mix up your shower’s menu with items that can be prepared with small kitchen appliances and accessories. (Think: various crock pot recipes, soups, marinated d’oeuvres, and freshly blended smoothies). Here are a few favorite recipes that rely on gadgets:

The Cookbook Gift: Stock the soon-to-be-married couple’s kitchen and recipe book. Add a personal touch to the shower by having every attendee bring along a favorite recipe that happens to use the gadget they’ve gifted.

Looking for gifting inspiration?
Check out our blog post all about kitchen gadgets and the recipes that put them to use.

4. Brunch and Bubbly Wedding Shower

The Theme: For those brides and grooms who consider brunch the most important meal of the day (don’t we all?) shower them and their guests with a sweet and savory feast!

The Food: When it comes to brunch, you can’t go wrong with fresh fruit, fluffy buttermilk pancakes and Belgian waffles with real maple syrup, lemon blueberry tarts, and of course rounds of bubbly mimosas! We also love mason jar desserts, which are perfect for small cake servings, brownie delights, and wholesome yogurt parfaits.

The Gift: What’s one thing brunch and cooking have in common? They bring everyone together. Ask guests to bring along a brunch-inspired recipe to pass along to the couple. These recipes would make for a tasty chapter to include in a custom cookbook.

5. An “I Do” Barbecue Wedding Shower

The Theme: Sometimes the perfect wedding shower venue is your own backyard. Hang a few strings of lights, get the grill going, and cover tables in righteously retro waxed cloth. Don’t forget favorite backyard games to get the party started.

The Food: Barbecues are wonderful for wedding showers year-round — and your food options are endless.

Pair main-course dishes with favorite sides: mini burgers and sandwiches (beef, chicken, and vegetarian options), with cucumber salad, barbecue cobb salad, fresh corn, steaming Texas chili, and fruit salad. For drinks, offer freshly squeezed homemade lemonade, crisp lemon water, and iced tea (sweet and unsweetened, of course).

As with any barbecue, end the day on a sweet note with rich hot chocolate and toasted marshmallows over the fire.

The Cookbook Gift: Encourage guests to bring a favorite picnic recipe for the couple to pack into their basket on a sunny day!

We’ve got a few amazing barbecue and grilling recipes to get you started.

6. Cooking Class Wedding Shower

The Theme: Whether your affianced friends are semi-pro home chefs or could use a bit of help getting started in the kitchen, you can’t go wrong celebrating their nuptials with a cooking class for the whole wedding party.

The Food: This theme makes cuisine easy: Simply enjoy what you and your friends have created after class. Look for a class that offers a variety of meals to prepare, so everyone can taste test one another’s dishes.

The Cookbook Gift: Cooking classes offer memorable recipes and techniques everyone from the wedding party can recreate. Looking for ways to make your cooking-class wedding shower even more special? Consider these party favor and gift ideas:

  • Monogrammed cooking aprons
  • Personalized wooden spoons
  • A customized cookbook for the couple that includes recipes from the class

7. Bring-Your-Own-Bakeware Wedding Shower

The Theme: It’s an upgrade on the traditional Tupperware party — invite everyone to a bakeware party where muffin tins, jelly roll pans, and all things baking are the centerpieces for the day.

The Food: When it comes to bakeware, you can safely assume there will be plenty of sweet delights nearby. Tempt your guests with a decadent spread of sticky toffee, crumbly cookies, gooey-rich brownies, fresh coconut pies, and other bite-sized baked treats. Don’t forget to wash down each bite with steamed lattes, freshly brewed coffee, and old fashioned teas.

The Cookbook Gift: Encourage every guest to bring along a recipe for their favorite baked good, then compile the sweet recipes into a custom cookbook.

Learn more about making a cookbook for the brides and grooms  in your life on Cookbook Create.

8. Wine and Dine Wedding Shower

The Theme: From white to red and every shade in between, celebrate your couple with their favorite wines. Expand your own tasting palate by bring along a bottle to enjoy with fellow guests. Place bottles in sections based on taste,  from dry to sweet.  We love providing personalized wine glasses for guests. Everyone will know which glass is theirs — and the glasses are fun take-home party favors.

The Food: From cheeses and crackers to nuts and grapes, have a variety of small bites that complement different types of wines. Slice up prosciutto, pepperoni, and salami alongside a variety of artisan cheeses. Puff pastry bites make for wonderful desserts, too.

The Gift: Whether your taste is bold, dry or sweet, tie a recipe for the perfect food pairing to your bottle. If your couple loves all wines, dedicate a section in their custom cookbook for wine and snack pairings.

9. Kentucky Derby Wedding Shower

The Theme: The odds are in. Oversized hats, Southern-themed snacks, and “the most exciting two minutes in sports” are a winning theme for your wedding shower. Guests will be toasting, cheering, and swooning over the new couple — regardless of which horse crosses the finish line first.

The Food: Channel recipe inspiration from the Bluegrass State for your derby theme. Start with tea sandwiches, summer berry parfaits, and quinoa salads. Next, whip up some classic buttermilk fried chicken (Cookbook Create fans  are loving Vitali’s recipe), barbecue sliders, gooey mac and cheese, and crunchy coleslaw.

Don’t forget drinks! Sips like mint juleps and Moscow mules are perfect options to serve up.

The Cookbook Gift: Have guests bring along their favorite winning recipes. Recipes can be placed into an award trophy or cup, and later added into a custom cookbook to give the couple on their wedding day.

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10. Travel Wedding Shower

The Theme: If your couple has made their way into a few kitchens around the globe, now is the time to celebrate their seasoned palates. Give each table a theme that reflects a country the couple has traveled to. For a personal touch, frame pictures of the engaged couple as they explored the culture and food of each country.

The Food: Take your tastebuds on a flavorful adventure around the world. Find out what the couple’s favorite ethnic dishes are, and ask guests to recreate them. Be sure to keep tabs on who is bringing what to avoid duplicate recipes (in fact, have guests write out their recipe on themed stationery for the couple). Consider a few of Cookbook Create’s most popular recipes for a bit of inspiration:

The Cookbook Gift: Travel-inspired recipes are a journey for the tastebuds — use the recipe cards mentioned above, or ask guests to bring recipes inspired by their favorite travels, or find out where the couple are headed for their honeymoon for a fun, forward-looking theme for a book.

Give the happy couple the gift of cooking, from your kitchen to theirs.
Starting a group recipe collection on Cookbook Create to craft the perfect wedding gift.

Creative blogger and digital marketer Tyler Brown has a knack for mixing traditional styles with updated trends. When Tyler is away from her workstation, she’s an avid equestrian, wishful cook and lover of farmhouse kitchens.

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