13 Halloween Costume Ideas for Gourmet Babies

Candy Corn Costume Halloween JuanofaKind Creation Feature Image

Photo: Betsy Garcia/Juan of a Kind Creation

These easy and DIY costumes are so darn cute you’ll want to eat them right up.

From serious to goofy, there is something delectable about a baby being all decked out. For this Halloween, consider dressing up your toddler or baby  as a favorite dish.  Not baby-adjacent? Go ahead and check out these grin-worthy outfits anyway, they’ll be the most deliciously delightful part of your day.

DIY Baby Spaghetti and Meatballs Costume Halloween Pretty Plain Janes

Photo: Brandy/Pretty Plain Janes

1. Spaghetti and Meatballs Costume

Pastafarians and  Lady and the Tramp fans alike can agree a spaghetti and meatballs costume is too cute to pass up. Create this yummy costume with a tutorial from Brandy of Pretty Plain Janes. Seriously, who doesn’t love a spaghetti covered baby?

Homemade Sushi Costume Halloween White Apples

Photo: Catherine/White Apples

2. Sushi Roll Onesie

Looking for a cozy and homemade costume for your little one? Check out this freshly caught  costume idea from Catherine of White Apples. This easy to-put-together sushi costume is great for a newborn and includes a wasabi hat for cool nights out trick-or-treating!

Baby Taco Costume Halloween Wayfarer Family

Photo: Isaac and Jen/Wayfarer Family

3. Baby Taco Costume

Let’s tacobout how adorable this idea is! Jen and Isaac of Wayfarer Family took Taco Tuesday to a new level and you should too, especially with Halloween on a Tuesday this year! Spice things up even more by making it a family affair: siblings and parents can be the toppings and sauces to let your taco baby shine!

4. Newborn Popcorn Costume

Kate from This Place is Now a Home has come up with a great costume idea for newborns that the whole family can take part in! Her perfect popcorn baby outfit allows for easy carrying of your little one, with the baby carrier acting as the popcorn box. Two costumes in one! Now just hope no extra salty tears ruin your lil popcorn cutie!

Baby and Dog Cotton Candy Costume Halloween Mandy Odle

Photo: Mandy/Mandy Odle

5. Cotton Candy Costume

What is sweeter that an adorable kid’s costume? A sugar-themed kid’s costume! Mandy from Mandy Odle has created this perfectly pink easy cotton candy costume for her little one. Careful, this super-sweet costume might make you even more tempted to give your baby a little love bite! For more creative ideas from Mandy, check out her Instagram.

Baby in a Lobster Pot Halloween She Just Glows

Photo: Janie/She Just Glows

6. Baby Lobster in a Pot Costume

Load up the stock pot

and tote around your trick-or-treater! Janie from She Just Glows created a family-themed costume of surf and turf. Her baby acted as the “surf” in a lobster costume.  Janie used a pot to carry her little baby lobster around all night. Her toddler was the “turf,” and she and her husband sported chef hats to complete the look.  This takes having a seafood dinner to a whole new level.

7. Cute Noodles Costume

Have a wiggly little one on your hands? Dress him up as “Cute Noodles” for Halloween in this amazing costume designed by Amy at Buzz Bear Studio. Ramen has never looked this good!

Starbucks Coffee Costume Halloween Nicole Morehead

Photo: Nicole/Portraits by Nicole

8. Starbucks Coffee Costume

You love coffee, and you love your little one! Nicole from Portraits by Nicole decided to combine her two loves and came up with the cutest Starbucks coffee costume ever, topped off with some frilly whipped cream. Whether you’re a fan of lattes or cappuccinos, we’re sure this particular coffee  is extra sweet.

9. Ice Cream Sundae Costume

Looking for a low effort costume this Halloween, but still want people to swoon over your sweet babe? Primary.com will walk you through the steps to make your very own ice cream sundae costume. All you need is a white onesie and hat, a pair of pants, and some felt to make sprinkles. The cherry on top is, well, the cherry on top!

Candy Corn Costume Halloween Juan of a Kind Creation

Photo: Betsy Garcia/Juan of a Kind Creation

10. Candy Corn Costume

Check out this festive candy corn hat, handmade by Betsy at Juan of a Kind Creation. Pair it with a white top and an orange and yellow tutu and you have yourself the world’s cutest candy corn! The best part is, your little one can stay warm and cozy in this hat even after Halloween!

11. Cupcake with Sprinkles Costume

We’re obsessed with this baby dressed as a cupcake. This costume, made of warm fleece, is handmade by Eva at EZorangeDesign, and is sure to keep your little one snugly while out trick-or-treating. The hardest part about this ensemble is picking what flavor your baby should be!

12. Avocado Costume

Today’s Parent knows avocado toast is all the rage! Dress yourself up as the toast, and tote your little avocado around with you for the evening. All you need is a green onesie, light green paint and some scissors. You’ll have people drooling over your cuteness, guaranteed.

S'more Costume Halloween Studio AR Blog

Photo: Amber/Studio AR Blog

13. S’more Costume

Amber at Studio AR Blog whipped up one of the tastiest costumes ever for her baby. This handmade s’more costume is both creative and adorably delicious! This marshmallow baby even had a graham cracker and chocolate pillow to use as a comfy seat for the night.


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