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3 Recipes for Candy Corn Lovers


With Candy Corn Day today and Candy Day just a few days away, this is our lucky week. Even though to many, candy corn is like the ugly duckling of the Halloween candy bowl, it is one of our favorites.

In my house, we have a strict rule about eating Candy Corn. It must be fresh and eaten within the short time of when it first becomes available at stores.  Stale candy corn is worth avoiding at all costs; that’s why we will suffer once our stash is gone and wait until next year.

We even have special jars on our desks designated for these little sugary, bright, tri-color sweets.

For all of the Candy Corn lovers reading this, we found some fun recipes just for you. Who knew that making fresh Candy Corn at home was even possible? We are adding this to our  to-do list for the holidays. And these Candy Corn cordials? They’re amazing for adult Halloween parties. We even found a recipe for those out there who want to like Candy Corns but don’t really like the flavor.

3 Fun Candy Corn Recipes

  1. The mother of all things Candy Corn: making Candy Corn at home 
  2. Candy Corn the grown up way: vodka infused Candy Corn cordials 
  3. For the person who likes the idea of Candy Corn but hates the flavor: Candy Corn sugar cookies 

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