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5 Meals That Sealed The Deal

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Happy Valentine’s Day Cookbook Create Blog readers! We are happy to share this day of love with you and the ones you love!

Here at Cookbook Create, we can’t think of anything that sparks love like than a thoughtfully prepared or shared meal with the person you love. To bring some love and light to your day, we collected these stories of how the right bite at the right time sealed the deal for these couples!


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The Sweetest Bite

“My mother always told me the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

Now while this saying is a bit dated, I still always had it in the back of my mind. When I first my boyfriend, I knew he was someone I had to chase down. I enticed him with an abundance of chocolate chip cookies- we were in college so any offer of free food was a good one. After a year of baked goodies and becoming best friends, we began dating. Shortly after, we took a trip together and I baked up my great-grandmother’s recipe for a southern-style pound cake. It’s a family recipe we never share, but always make for special occasions. After that trip I knew I was in love and after my boyfriend had a bite of my pound cake- he gave me the smile that made me know he was going to keep me around for a while. It’s been three loving years and we always have pound cake to celebrate all our happy occasions!”- H. B.


Order’s Up for Macarons and Love

“My fiancé and I met when he was my server! At the time, he worked for a family-owned restaurant that my girlfriends and I went to for girls’ night out. He served me fajita steak tacos and margaritas one night and that night was nearly 5.5 years ago. We got engaged last July in Paris, and it was magical! Our love began with tacos and now we’re on to macarons!” – R.I.


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Butter Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

“My birthday is February 7th, so every year we celebrate my birthday with Valentine’s Day.  Every year I know I’ll come home to the house covered in exotic orchids and seafood for dinner, as we started as tradition since our first year of marriage.

One year, I came home to my husband cooking and suddenly I heard a CRASH.  I ran back to the living room and found there was melted butter everywhere.  My husband misjudged the distance of the coffee table and dropped both lobsters hitting the sides of the butter dishes which sent them skidding across the floor.

Have you ever tried cleaning melted butter?!  It’s near impossible! But that day we learned why our mothers told us not to eat in the living room, especially for nice Valentine’s Day dinners.  Even though that year was a catastrophe, we still enjoy lobster with butter- but in a contained environment.” – M. V.


A Conversation About Love, Lamb, and Marriage

For this story we sat down with a couple and had a conversation about how they met.

J:  It wasn’t hard to convince me that coming over for dinner was a good idea.  At the time, I was in the last year of my medical residency, and the only home-cooked meals I had were the ones that I cooked for myself. This was not a frequent event.  And the fact that this woman wanted to cook for me on a third date… well, I took that as a positive sign indeed.

M: Looking back now, by the third date, I knew I liked him but I was in complete denial at the time. Since I consider cooking relaxing, I didn’t see anything special or unusual about inviting someone over for dinner, much less put a lot of consideration into how my menu choice may be analyzed and dissected for greater meaning.

J:  After getting settled in with a glass of wine, I got to look at what M had selected for dinner.  She was prepping in the kitchen as I stood across the counter, watching intently.  Lo and behold, she unwraps a French rack of lamb. Rack—Of –Lamb?! I mean, seriously, who makes this for dinner for a third date? She was obviously setting the bar high, but I’ll have to admit that it impressed the hell out of me.

M: My friends teased me incessantly for making lamb on a third date; apparently they shared the same sentiment with J – you make rack of lamb when you want to someone to fall in love with you. When I stated profusely that I wasn’t even sure if I liked this guy, they all laughed, nodded their heads and muttered, “Uh-huh, right.”

J:  Frankly, the dinner spoke for itself. It was perfect. The lamb was well-seasoned and pan-seared to a succulent medium-rare. The accompanying brussel sprouts were roasted in the oven, which I did not know was a thing you could do with brussel sprouts. They were delicious and gave me a healthy appreciation of the beauty of roasted vegetables. Sign me up.

M: OK – years later, it is clear now that if I had been honest with myself at the time, I was obviously trying to channel my inner Serena Williams with this meal. I wasn’t about to make spaghetti for a hot doctor with manners and a personality.

J: I think it was pretty obvious in our first two dates that this was the start of a real relationship, but it was far more obvious over the course of that date. I mean, M could not have brought a stronger A-game, which I assumed was intentional. Being an underfed, sleep-deprived man in search of a willing companion, the result of this culinary-wizardry left me charmed. Shortly thereafter, I called my dad to tell him that this is the woman I was going to marry.


For the Love of Bagels (and each other)

“My husband and I had been off the grid for seven weeks, exploring a remote part of the Bahamas aboard our sailboat home. With no places to buy food, we’d been eating meals that I’d cooked and frozen in advance, and the menu was getting a little monotonous. As Valentine’s Day approached, I had a little treat up my sleeve to surprise my favorite New Yorker (my husband) – a packet of lox I’d squirreled away in the freezer. On Valentine’s Day morning I got up before dawn and rolled out dough for homemade bagels so we could enjoy a little taste of home – where we fell in love and used to go to the bagel shop every weekend — in the beautiful Bahamian islands, our first stop on a two-year life break of sorts. This year we’ll be in Sint Maarten and I plan to do the same.”-  L.W.


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