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5 Unique Ways You Need to Eat Avocado

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You’ve never had avocados like this before, and they are so good!

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of avocados? For some people, it’s probably guacamole, aka one of the best dips in the world. But the avocado is capable of so much more.

I’ve grown up in different countries in the Caribbean and have eaten avocados in their purest form, and in the most transformative ways. After a recent anniversary trip to Tulum, Mexico, and experiencing avocado in many sweet and savory forms, I’m dying to share the wonders of the avocado! Here are five unique ways that you need to eat avocado now.

vegan creamy chocolate avocado ice cream

Photo: Jessica/Jessica in the Kitchen

1) In your ice cream

Yes, avo in your ice cream! I first tried this about three years ago. Let me say this: you will LOVE chocolate avocado ice cream! You don’t taste the avocado at all, but it adds a divine creaminess that keeps this ice cream healthier, while absolutely enhancing the chocolate flavor. No eggs or cream are used and you would never know. P.S. it doesn’t turn the ice cream a weird color – just beautiful chocolate ice cream!

Try my Vegan Creamy Chocolate Avocado Ice Cream.

2) In your smoothies

If you haven’t given this a try yet you definitely need to now! Again, you are manipulating the creaminess of avocado and using it to your completely advantage. It adds no taste, so it won’t change your favorite smoothies, but it adds a divine thickness that can either replace your banana, or accompany it in your smoothies.

If you find yourself in surplus of avocados (an amazing problem to have), you can even freeze your avocados and use them in your smoothies! While this will change the texture of the avocado, this won’t affect it in your smoothies at all.

Creating a Cookbook Create cookbook to house all of these recipes is also a brilliant idea, to have them all in one place! There are so many amazing smoothie recipes using avocado that keeping them all in one place will ensure your continued creativity with avocados.

I LOVE this avocado recipe from the Cookbook Create community!

chocolate avocado pudding jessica in the kitchen

Photo: Jessica/Jessica in the Kitchen

3) As a creamy base for your mousse and puddings

This of course goes hand-in-hand with ice cream, and avocado acts as a deliciously smooth and creamy base for your mousses and puddings. Avocado is even better in this form because you can make a no-bake pudding or mousse superfood dessert recipe that is filled with healthy fats and is beautifully thick, just like your regular mousse or puddings. Is there anything avocado can’t do?!

No Bake Chocolate Avocado Pudding is my favorite recipe for this!

4) In your pesto

Put avocado pesto on everything… and you’ll be guaranteed to devour it. This is a delicious sauce for your zucchini or regular noodles or even on your toast. Make your regular pesto recipe and add in avocado to not only stretch it, but to turn it into a delectable cream sauce. This would also be a divine spread in your sandwiches!

I love this unique spin on avocado pesto!

creamy vegan avocado dressing

Photo: Jessica/Jessica in the Kitchen

5) As a dressing

The avocado possibilities are just endless. Do you love a great creamy dressing? Then you need to make an avocado dressing. Avocado, greens, olive oil, lime, garlic, sea salt and water come together to take it to another level. Avocado dressing will go perfectly with all your summer salads, and lasts up to a week in your fridge. Since it’s made with lime and oil, they act as a preservative and keep it nice and green. Think of it as an upgraded guacamole for your salads! I love reducing the water and using it as a plant-based gorgeous mayonnaise too.  Want a starting point? My creamy avocado dressing is great for this!

I hope I’ve convinced you that avocados are amazing!! The next time you find that you have all these beautiful fruits on deck and you’re lost as to what to make, reach for this list. Cookbook Create also a lot of delicious, easy and creamy avocado recipes for you to try out!

If your mouth is watering from all these recipes, you can save them right now by logging into Cookbook Create. Keep them forever online or save them into your next cookbook to keep all your favorite unique avocado recipes together. Give any one, or all of these a try – I know you’ll love them! Happy eating!

Start saving your avocado recipes into a cookbook now!

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Jessica Hylton-Leckie is the founder and editor of Jessica in the Kitchen, a whole food vegetarian food blog sharing hundreds of recipes with her readers.

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