Almond Champagne for National Champagne Day!


With the last few days of the year winding down, what better way to celebrate New Year’s Eve and National Champagne day with Champagne? Yes, almond flavored champagne! This is my particular favorite since I love both champagne and anything almond-related. I discovered this taste-specific champagne a few years ago when I was in California, and immediately after trying it, I had a bottle shipped home.

Wilson Creek Winery and Vineyard is located in Temecula, California, and produces a gold medal award-winning almond champagne that suits any and all special occasions. Made from white sparkling wine and pure almonds, this champagne is the “must have” when visiting Wilson Creek.

What’s even more unique about this champagne is that you can personalize the label on your bottle. With the online label maker you can make sure that the holidays are extra special by adding signature touches to your own signature drink.

Happy New Year!

Alc. by Volume: 11%

Net Content: 750 ML

Wilson Creek Winery and Vineyard

Since its National Champagne Day, we also need food to eat right?! Here are 3 delicious recipes to help get rid of all that champagne!!

All of my favorite things to eat are in this risotto! Including champagne!

This is the perfect dish to toast to all the amazing things ahead in the new year!

Start your new year with a sweet treat!

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