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Best Pinterest Boards for Back-To-School Lunch Ideas

The first day of school is just around the corner. To help you avoid the back-to-school chaos of finding options for lunches, here are the best Pinterest boards for lunch ideas. From fun food ideas to quick and healthy recipes, we’ve got you covered! Check out the great recipes below and creative storage solutions to get the best bang for your buck and make sure you kids are eating fresh and healthy food they love.

1. “KIDS | LUNCHBOX” Author: Fork & Beans

kids lunchbox by fork and beans pinterest board

Cara, from Fork and Beans shares wholesome recipes that avoid dairy and gluten. Her recipes are not only allergen friendly, but family friendly. This is no exception to her awesome pinterest board for Kid’s Lunchbox ideas. On her Pinterest board she shares great pins ranging from foods with fun faces to creative ways to pack lunches!

2. “Fun w/ Food & Lunchbox Ideas”Author: Stephanie Parker

fun with food by stephanie parker

Stephanie Parker, shares recipes (Gluten-free and traditional) and home-schooling tips on her website, The Journey Unexpected. Her back-to-school Pinterest board for Fun with Food and Lunchbox Ideas features cute and creative ways to organize lunch foods. From gluten-free recipes to prepping freezer friendly smoothie pack, this board is sure to excite your child’s tummy!

3. Bento and Lunch Box Fun Gina Kirk , from

bentobox lunchbox by gina kirk of is she really

Gina Kirk, creator of the lifestyle blog Is She Really, loves to share recipes that are simple, healthy, and help create a less chaotic life. As a mom to 3 boy and 3 dogs, she knows something about decreasing chaos. In her adorable Pinterest board, Bento and Lunch Box Fun, Gina shares some cute and easy ideas for bento lunch boxes. Compartmentalized so no food touch with a creative flare of fun foods with faces and cool shapes, this board has got you covered on creating exciting lunches for your kids just in the nick of time for back-to-school.

4. For Kids: Lunchbox

For Kids Lunchbox Pinterest board by Julia Quintero

Julia Quintero is a mom to four, wife and teacher. She loves to craft and test out new recipes. In her Pinterest board, For Kids: Lunchboxes, she shares great recipes such as healthy lunch box recipes, non-sandwich lunches, and low sugar snack ideas that your kids will love!

5. Lunchbox Love

lunchboxes pinterest board by uncommon family

Laura Willard from An Uncommon Family is a mom of two adoptive children, wife, law school grad, and lover of wine. In her Pinterest board Lunchbox Love, Laura shares fantastic looking food that will make lunchtime even more fun. Creative bento boxes and fun ways to send lunchtime notes to your kids are all part of this great collection.

6. Kids Lunchbox

kids lunchbox pinterest board by jennifer wade

Jennifer Wade, is a wife, mom, and helps out with her local PTO and Cub Scouts. Her Pinterest board Kids Lunchbox has some great ideas for kid’s lunches and great ideas for afterschool snacks! From animal shaped food, lunchbox hacks, and quick and easy treats to make with your kids, this board is sure to make your child smile!

7. Lunchboxes

pinterest lunchbox board by kid wilson

Lizzy Wilson, is a photographer, writer, and runner. She is an Aunt to four and is always on the lookout for fun, kid-
themed meals! Her Pinterest board Lunchboxes features cool ways to make food fun. Think owl faced crackers, panda rice balls, and cute bento boxes. Her pins will make you that cool mom who packs the best school lunchboxes!

8. Lunchboxes/Fun Food
lunchboxes and fun food pinterest board

Jina Crouse is a mom to a beautiful little girl named Izzy. Her Pinterest board Lunchboxes/Fun Food is exactly as it sounds! Filling with kid friendly takes on adult food, such as Mac N’ Cheese Sushi rolls and fun ways to shape food into animals. These pins are sure to excite your kids and maybe even get them into the kitchen to help!


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