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Blogger Approved Recipe Adaptation Rules

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Instead of sharing some mouth watering recipes today, we are examining recipe adaptations, recipe copyrights, and giving honor to great recipes. In this post we will look at the do’s and dont’s of recipe adaptations.

Whether finding recipes to slightly tweak to add to your customized cookbook or republish in another place, there are definitely some don’ts. Directions and photos cannot be copied as is, unless granted permission- those are copyrighted- but more on this in our next post.

We’ve done some research and interviews with phenomenal food bloggers on their take on recipe adaptations and their do’s of what to do with tweaks.

Food Bloggers Thoughts on Recipes Adaptation

Anajali Prasertong, blogger of EatYrGreens and contributor to The Kitchn writes in an article on the topic of recipe adaptation,Speaking personally, I occasionally see adaptations of my own recipes pop up around the web. I appreciate when bloggers credit me clearly and prominently — even better if it is my name rather than “The Kitchn” — and when they actually rewrite the instructions”


Alexis, food blogger of Hummusapien says, “Blog etiquette is tough these days! My recipes often get re-posted with little to changes, and sometimes even no credit. I personally would never post a recipe from another blogger unless it was heavily adapted. Oftentimes bloggers add vanilla extract or double the spices and post the recipe as their own, which I don’t agree with. Every blogger sees this differently!”

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Sabrina of Brina’s Bites, says her approach to recipe adaptation is,It’s important to credit the original source and never plagiarize the directions, even if the ingredient measurements are all the same. Even if the ingredients are somewhat different but mainly based on one another individual’s recipe, one should still acknowledge this and credit the source he/she was inspired by.”


Tiffany from The Gracious Pantry gives a step by step guide on how to properly cite and adapt a recipe, which allows you to add your own twist but give the creator proper credit. A few things she stresses is to never reuse an original photos (especially those that are watermarked), never ever copy and paste, and don’t re-share text via social media. To read through all her don’ts check out her post here.


The Food Blog Alliance also gives a great run-down if you still have questions on the topic!

What are your thoughts, comments or question on recipe adaptations? Share with us in the comments below!

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