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Check out Cookbook Create on the Hungry Squared Podcast

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What’s Hungry Squared? Um, a really cool podcast that you should listen to right now!

On their podcast Hungry Squared, Sharon Titus and Winter Redd, talk about every geeky aspect of food you could imagine, plus many more you’ve probably never even thought of. The history, science, and design of food, all of it, is fair game.

This week Anna Curran, the Founder of Cookbook Create, discusses the fascinating path of how cookbooks evolved from Mesopotamian times to the single subject and celebrity chef cookbooks we see today. Ever wonder how Cookbook Create got started? Anna shares the story of what inspired her to found her company.

Check out the podcast here.

Inspired to make you owns cookbook? Head over to Cookbook Create and start your digital cookbook today!
If you listened to the podcast and would like to redeem your surprise, head over to Facebook like us and mention HungrySquared and CookbookCreate. Tell us just what you enjoyed about the podcast! We’ll follow up with a voucher for free shipping or 1 free book when you buy two.

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