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Cookbook Create’s Photo Guidelines

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A little help to ensure your cookbook photos look their best

Congratulations! If you’re reading this post, you’re probably well on your way to creating a beautiful customized cookbook using Cookbook Create.

The collection of recipes you’ll add to the pages of your cookbook tell a story, but the photos really bring that story to life. (You don’t have to be a professional photographer or Instagram celebrity to have great photos, by the way — we’ve got photo tips for you!)

When you’re choosing photos to include in your cookbook, there are just a few nitty-gritty guidelines you’ll need to follow — not because we love rules, but because we love you, and we want your cookbook to look its very best.

First, all your photos should be 5MB or less, and Cookbook Create supports photos that end in .gif, .jpg, and .png format.

Page-Specific Photo Sizes

The size of photo you’ll need depends on where you plan to use each one. Here are the optimal dimensions for the photos you’ll use in your custom cookbook:

  • Recipe photo: 1102 x 617 pixels
  • Photo on a four-image page: 1113 x 1064 pixels
  • Photo on a single-image page: 2269 x 2170 pixels
  • Spiral-bound cover photo: 2624 x 2700 pixels
  • Hardcover cover photo: 2837 x 3021 pixels

How to Double-Check Your Photos

Not sure how to find all this information? We’ve got you. To get all the details you need on your photos, just find the folder where it’s saved, and follow these directions:

On a Windows computer

  • Right-click the filename (the file’s extension will tell you its format, whether .gif, .jpg, or .png)
  • Select “Properties”
  • Click the “Details” tab
  • Look in the “File” section to see the file’s size
  • Look in the “Image” section to see its dimensions

On a Mac

  • CTRL-click the filename in Finder
  • Choose “Get Info”
  • Under “General,” you’ll see the file type and size
  • Under “More info,” find the image’s dimensions

If your photo fits all the requirements, you’re good to go!

Need More Inspiration?

Still looking for ways to get the best photos for your personalized cookbook? Download our free eBook, The Ultimate Guide: How to Make a Cookbook. Inside, you’ll find tips from a professional food stylist on taking amazing food photos, plus ideas for non-food photos that still paint a yummy picture.

Got it? Head toward your dashboard to keep working on your book!

Paige Worthy is a Chicago-based digital marketing strategist, writer, yoga instructor, and avid home chef. Visit her at

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