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Cookbook Review: Come In, We’re Closed


In the restaurant world, chefs are rockstars. Through their cookbooks, they are teaching all of us including you enthusiastic home cooks, how to eat better. Most professional chefs and cooks are working away from their families everyday. They spend so much time in their kitchens that their coworkers become their extended family.

“Have you gotten close with strangers who have turned into great friends through food”? 

Staff meal, or family meal as restaurant employees call it, is a time where the staff can sit down and share a meal with each other and relax before their own doors open to the public each night. They sit down and feed themselves some great food before they get ready to feed the customers great food.

In “Come In, We’re Closed” by Christine Carroll and Jody Eddy, many of the worlds best restaurants have shared their staff meal with us. In Come In, We’re Closed, restaurants have provided over 100+ recipes, 300+ photos, and interviews about of one-of-a-kind dishes professional chefs feed each other. These recipes are great for home cooking and are meant to be shared with your family and friends just like chefs do in their restaurants.

come in collage

Some of recipe standouts that I will be experimenting and sharing with my friends and family are:

Skirt Steak with Charred Scallions

Tarragon and Cherry Soda

Buttermilk Donut Holes with Apple Honey Caramel Glaze

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