Cool Kitchen Gadgets- A Foodie’s Gift Guide

fixie pizza cutter by doiy design

Photo: Homeli and DOIY Design

Thinking about holiday gadgets starts to creep up on your radar after needing your stretchy pants from all that stuffing and turkey. Whether scouring for online deals after Thanksgiving or trying to figure out what your parents want for the holidays this year, gifts can always be tricky. But, if you are the cook in your family or have someone in your life who loves kitchen gadgets, we have the perfect guide for you! From quirky cooking items for the chef, to fun ways to make coffee or cocktails, the cool kitchen gadgets available are endless. You’re sure to find a winner and make that cook in your life on happy person! Check out this lists of kooky, innovative, and awesome kitchen gadgets!

The Cool Kitchen Gadgets Gift Guide:

  1. Nessie Soup Ladle
  2. Reclaimed Wood Cookbook Stand
  3. Personalized Cutting Board
  4. Butter Churner
  5. Press and Measure Herb Infuser
  6. Steampunk Coffee Grinder
  7. Ravioli Rolling Pin
  8. Monkey Bar Tool Set
  9. De Buyer Swing Mandoline
  10. Rabbit Original Lever Corkscrew
  11. Pineapple Easy Slicer and De-Corer
  12. Digital Volumetric Spoon Scale
  13. Quick Grip Note Refrigerator Organizer
  14. Savino Wine Saving Carafe
  15. World Salt Tower
  16. Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses
  17. Craft Your Own Bitters Kit
  18. Breakaway Matcha Serenity Set
  19. Spiralizer
  20. Kombucha Home Brew Kit

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