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iced sugar cookies with sprinkles rainbow delicious

Photo: Emily/Rainbow Delicious

Cookie swaps are all the rage during the holidays. They are a great way to gather with friends and family and share the holidays with a sweet treat. Plus you get enjoy a variety of sweet treats! While we shared wonderful recipes in our 6 Amazing Christmas Cookies post, we’ve got the inside scoop on the best holiday cookies from some lovely bloggers. Check out these recipes and meet the creative faces behind the sweet treats!

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Iced Sugar Cookies with Sprinkles emily-rainbow-delicious-cookbook-create

Emily of Rainbow Delicious is a food blogger who shares weekly meal plans that are colorful, delicious, seasonal, and healthy! Emily has fond memories of baking with her grandmother the most delicious sugar cookies during the holidays. She wanted to create a slightly healthier version of the recipe she enjoyed as a child. Her sweet recipe is soft and chewy and finished with a cute seasonal decor. These treats are perfect to celebrate the holidays with!

ginger molasses crinkles cassie bustamante

Photo: Cassie/Cassie Bustamante

cassie-bustamante-cookbook-createGinger Molasses Crinkles

Cassie Bustamante of Cassie Bustamante is a lifestyle bloggers who loves a good DIY, coffee, and vintage finds. Over the holidays, Cassie reminiscences about baking these ginger molasses crinkles with her mom. After some experiments, she finally got the recipe just right. Sweet, chewy, and full of holiday flavor, try Cassie’s delicious seasonal recipe for your cookie swap!

chocolate fudge cookies positively oaks

Photo: Jess/Positively Oakes


Chocolate Fudge Cookies

Jess, the face behind the blog Positively Oakes, shares lifestyle tips, chats on motherhood, and everything in between. During the holidays, Jess loves to enjoy a nice chocolate fudgey bite! Her recipe for chocolate fudge cookies is the perfect for a little indulgence. Easy to make with a few ingredients, these are great to whip up in a pinch!

allison-two-thirty-five-designs-cookbook-createChocolate and Peppermint Thumbprints

Allison of Two Thirty Five Designs is a Texas based lifestyle blogger who loves to cook, craft, DIY, and enjoys design. During the holidays peppermint and candy canes are abundant, so why not bake with them? Allison shares her chocolate and peppermint thumbprints recipe for a delicious and holiday packed bite! These bake up beautifully and make a lovely treat for any swap!

christmas tree rice krispie treats simple stylings

Photo: Summer Hogan/Simple Stylings

summer-hogan-simple-stylings-cookbook-createChristmas Tree Rice Krispie Treats

Summer Hogan from Simple Stylings is passionate about decoration and design and loves to share tips for simple styles in the home. As a true lifestyle blogger Summer loves all things creative, including cooking! For the holidays she likes to make rice krispie treats for an easy dessert. She shaped her treats into Christmas tree and adds coloring, frosting, and sprinkles for decoration. These alternative cookies are the perfect seasonal and holiday themed treat! Celebrate by making these Christmas tree rice krispie treats for your cookie swap!


For more recipes check out our holiday cookie collection on Cookbook Create!

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