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Fun Photo Ideas for Your Cookbook

Photo: Ashley/Sugar and Cloth

Having a blast while creating your cookbook? We hope you are!

Writing recipes and reminiscing upon fond food memories is what we are all about at Cookbook Create. But we understand that taking stunning, Instagram-worthy food photos isn’t everyone’s forte. If you find yourself lacking great photos of your dishes for your cookbook, never fear- we have some great ideas for you instead! Check out these fun photo ideas for your cookbook!

Friends Gathered Around a Table

Food is all about sharing and creating memories- and what better way to do that than around a table with friends and family. Snap an image of a meal-time and place this in your cookbook to remind you of love, happiness, and of course food!

menu calligraphy at home in love

Photo: Aileen/At Home in Love (Photographer: Paige Newton)

Write Ingredients in a Creative Way

Whether creating a chapter around a whole meals or a type of course, try writing out your ingredients or meal menu in a fun and beautiful way. You can handwrite a menu or list of ingredients on stunning paper and use these for your recipe photos!

boy chopping vegetables dash and bella

Photo: Phyllis/Dash and Bella

Kids in the Kitchen

What better way to share family traditions than to get your kids in the kitchen and have the help you cook a recipe. Capture the memory of cooking by getting a great image of your kids in the kitchen helping prep the food. This is a great way to showcase your recipe!


Have other great ideas for photos in your Cookbook? Share in the comments below!

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