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Great Recipes for a Halloween Party

easy halloween monster marshmallows finding zest

Photo: Emilie/Finding Zest

Halloween parties are always a good time. Filled with friends and family dressed in costumes from goofy to gory, there aren’t any sad faces in the room, unless it’s a mask. But a Halloween party of course needs some spooky foods served to keep up the theme. Here are some great recipes inspirations ranging from spooky spirits, alarming appetizers, and deadly desserts.

Scary Sips and Spirits

bloody shirley temples this grandma is fun

Photo: Tracy/This Grandma is Fun

Bloody Shirley Temples

Your favorite childhood drink just took a dark spin. Sherri, Tracy, and Debbie, the dynamic trio behind This Grandma is Fun have added a creepy twist to the classic shirley temple. Using a syringe to add grenadine to the drink not only adds a dark element to the drink, it allows for guest to be interactive. This recipe is non-alcoholic but can always be adjusted if looking for a boozy spin.

witch brew halloween cocktail pizzazzerie

Photo: Courtney/Pizzazzerie

Witches Brew

No, you don’t need a cauldron to make this magical drink, but a cocktail shaker might do! Courtney from Pizzazzerie has made the perfect purple sip for your spooky night! Filled with Prosecco and topped with dry ice to create a fog effect, this drink will all your guests saying WOW!


Alarming Appetizers

halloween chunky cheese dip domestic superhero

Photo: Allyson/Domestic Superhero

Halloween Chunky Cheese Dip

While this dip does not look appealing, it does taste great! Allyson from Domestic Superhero has created this easy 2-ingredient dip that will frighten your guests! Easily whip up this dip!

frankenguac halloween dine and dish

Photo: Kristen/Dine and Dish


Who doesn’t love guac at a party? Take yours a notch up with a scary face to spook your guests! Kristen from Dine and Dish has an easy step-by-step recipe to create a scary Frankenstein face to top your favorite guac!


Deadly Desserts

easy halloween monster marshmallows finding zest

Photo: Emilie/Finding Zest

Halloween Monster Marshmallows

Give your guests a fright when they go to pop delicious marshmallows in their mouth! Emilie from Finding Zest has a quick decorating tutorial to give those sweet fluffy marshmallows a scary twist. By adding a bright colored chocolate and eyes, these little bites turn from sweet to spooky!

bloody eyeball cupcakes the domestic rebel

Photo: Hayley/The Domestic Rebel

Bloody Eyeball Cupcakes

These cupcakes are eying you down- literally. These red velvet cupcakes are finished off with a gumball eyeball and gel coloring blood to give a creepy effect. Hayley from The Domestic Rebel sure knows how to create some grotesque treats! Bake these cupcakes up for a frightening dessert spread!

Halloween Donut Spiders

Creepy, crawly, and sweet- the only words to describe these donuts from Scarlett of Made It Ate It Loved It. This bite easily comes together by using pre-made donuts and decorating them with chocolate candies and pretzels to give this dessert its spidery topping!

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