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Great Ways to Organize Your Kitchen Drawers

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Photo: Krisha/Jacks and Kate

Perhaps for 2017 you set a goal to finally clean up and organize your kitchen, but you have no idea where to start. A good way to help organize and get rid of any gadgets you don’t use is to clean all your kitchen drawers where things seem to get thrown and forgotten. To help you get on move on cleaning up your kitchen, check out these great ideas for organizing!


DIY Chalkcloth Drawer Organizer

An creative and fun way to organize, Krisha from Jacks and Kate shares her tutorial on this great DIY chalkcloth. Using cloth and chalk pens, they measured each drawer to ensure the cloth would fit. Then for each drawer, they created a visual of what should be placed where. This ingenious idea is a great way to ensure the whole family stays organized and avoid anyone saying they don’t know where to put what! Check it out!


DIY Kitchen Utensil Drawer Organizer

Kevin and Amanda from the blog Kevin and Amanda share their great DIY to organize all your kitchen utensils. With a quick trip to the hardware store for some craft board and glue. In not time you can create an easy and removable to organize all your kitchen cooking gadgets and utensils!

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