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Halloween Costume Ideas for Gourmet Babies

baby taco costume halloween

Photo: Isaac and Jen/Wayfarer Family

Creating costumes are always fun, but it is so much better when you can dress your baby in an adorable homemade costume. From serious to goofy, there is something about a baby being all decked out. For this Halloween consider dressing your baby as your favorite food! For some seriously good and delish ideas on great costumes for your little one, check out these grin-worthy outfits!

diy baby spaghetti and meatballs halloween costume pretty plain janes

Photo: Brandy/Pretty Plain Janes

DIY Spaghetti and Meatballs Costume

Love a good plate of spaghetti and meatballs? Create this yummy costume with a tutorial from Brandy of Pretty Plain Janes. To fulfill your Italian dinner dreams or perhaps re-enact Lady and the Tramp, make this adorable costume. Who doesn’t love a spaghetti covered baby?

homemade sushi costume white apples

Photo: Catherine/White Apples

Homemade Sushi Onesie Costume

Looking for a warm and homemade costume for your little one? Check out this umami filled costume idea from Catherine of White Apples. This easy to-put-together sushi costume is great for a newborn- all adorned with a wasabi hat for cool nights out trick-or-treating!

baby taco halloween costume wayfarer family

Photo: Isaac and Jen/Wayfarer Family

Baby Taco Costume

Let’s tacobout how adorable this idea is! Jen and Isaac of Wayfarer Family took taco Tuesday to a new level. Their idea of dressing their little one as a taco makes for a great idea, especially to create a family- fun costume. Mom and Dad, you can be the toppings and sauces to let your taco baby shine!

Newborn Popcorn Costume

Kate from This Place is Now a Home has come up with a great costume idea for newborns that the whole family can take part in! Her creative idea for a popcorn baby, allows for easy carrying of your little one, while mom or dad can dress as the popcorn box. Two costumes in one! Now just hope no extra salty tears ruin your lil popcorn cutie!

baby and dog cotton candy halloween costume mandy odle

Photo: Mandy/Mandy Odle

DIY Cotton Candy Costume

What is sweeter that an adorable costume on your kid? A candy themed costume on your child! Mandy from Mandy Odle has created this perfectly pink easy cotton candy costume for her little one. This sweet costume might make you even more tempted to get a little sweet bite of your baby! For more creative ideas from Mandy, check out her instagram @madeoverbymandy.

baby in lobster pot halloween costume she just glows

Photo: Janie/She Just Glows

Baby Lobster in Pot

There’s a new way to carry your baby for trick-or-treating- using a stock pot! Janie from She Just Glows created a family themed costume of surf and turf for her family. For the surf she dressed her baby in a lobster costume and used a pot to carry her little baby lobster. This takes having a seafood dinner to a whole new level.



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