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How Do I Write a Recipe?

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How Do I Write a Recipe?

Writing a recipe is the first step to adding a recipe to Cookbook Create. Creating a recipe is a great way to store all your favorite recipes in one place. Having your recipes on Cookbook Create will also allow you to organize them into group collections and easy upload them into a cookbook you are making.

Add a recipe cookbook create

  1. To create a recipe, click the Add Recipe button located on your profile page under your profile picture and username.
  2. This will take you to the recipe creation page.
  3. Here you can add details such as a small anecdote about your recipe, such as a fond memory associated with this cherished lasagna recipe.
  4. Then add in details for ingredients, quantities, directions, cook time, and how many servings the recipe makes.
  5. Upload a photo of your recipe to show how delicious it is!
  6. Choose whether to save this recipe to a specific collection. You can also choose whether to make this recipe public or private.
  7. Click Save Recipe to make sure you save your recipe to your profile!
  8. That’s it! You’ve written and uploaded a recipe!

Now all you need to do is invent or collect more recipes to add – and think about turning them into a cookbook! (Check out this post for some great ideas on the types of cookbooks you can create on Cookbook Create – and get cookin’!)

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