Lidia’s Recipe: Butter and Sage Sauce


Keeping in the spirit of celebrating Lidia Bastianich’s 9th cookbook “Lidia’s Favorite Recipes: 100 Foolproof Italian Dishes,” I decided that for my dinner this week, Italian would be it!

With so many delicious directions to go in for my dinner, I mixed my crazy craving for ravioli with one of Lidia’s butter and sage sauce. This 3 step sauce, suited for dishes ranging from coating fluffy gnocchi to drizzling over seared fish and or meats, accompanied my ravioli perfectly.

Was the sauce good you ask? Well, I made the full recipe which stated that I would have enough sauce for one pound of pasta. After tasting the finished sauce, I recommend that you double this recipe, the sauce is so good you might cry when you run out! I’m definitely looking forward to making more recipes from this cookbook soon

Have you tried any of Lidia’s recipes?

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