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Meal Planning with Cookbook Create

Dietitian Chelsey Amer shares how she uses Cookbook Create

Cookbook Create community member Chelsey Amer, MS, RDN is a New York City-based private practice dietitian and creator of She’s an avid user of Cookbook Create, so we asked her to show us how she uses the platform for her professional meal planning.

Hello, my name is Chelsey and I 100 percent admit I am 100 percent Type A! ((Hiiii Chelsey!)) I write to do lists for my to do lists, live by three different calendars, and thrive on being organized and prepared. With age, I’ve learned to loosen the reins a little bit and admit to being a work in progress, but there’s one area of my life I love planning and look forward to thinking about each and every week — what I eat!

There’s nothing worse than getting home at 8 p.m, and asking, “What’s for dinner?”

Organization is so underrated. When I plan healthy meals, or at least a random assortment of healthy foods, I don’t have to worry about what my family and I will be eating if I get caught up in work or want to take a late workout class.

Meal planning helps make living a healthy lifestyle SO much easier. if you already have all the ingredients you need for a healthy meal in the house, aren’t you more likely to make a quick 20-minute meal than order in? I think so… which is why I always look ahead for the week to see what’s going on and what we’re going to eat… and do the same with my clients!

I use this awesome tool to take my meal planning and recipe collections to a new level, and wanted to share how I do it so other dietitians, as well as healthy home cooks, can do the same!

Cookbook Create’s incredible platform allows you to make your own personalized cookbook from your favorite recipes or by using the online catalog of recipes available on their site. You can collect all of your recipes in one place, order a beautiful full color book with awesome graphics and fun layouts. They offer both spiral bound and hardcover books. There are endless ways that you can use Cookbook Create to create a fabulous gift (Mother’s Day anyone?), but it stands out to me because it’s a great way to plan for healthy eating and a fantastic tool for my fellow dietitians to use professionally!

Meal Planning with Cookbook Create

Here are 4 pro tips to make meal planning fun, organized and easy with Cookbook Create…


1. Make Collections of Your Favorite Healthy Recipes from Other Incredible Recipe Creators

One of my favorite aspects of Cookbook Create is that I can gather my favorite recipes from other creative dietitians and food bloggers and keep them in the same one place, organized, ready to put into a cookbook at any moment to help my clients out.

2. Organize Your Favorite Recipes in Collections Based on a Specific Diet

You can curate an individualized collection of your recipes in the Cookbook Create database so you always have easy access. I personally love that I can tag all of my recipes for the diet with which they best fit since so many of my clients have food allergies. So all of my recipes are tagged nut free and peanut free, but then I can further specify low carb for my diabetic patients, low FODMAP for my IBS elimination diet patients… how awesome is that??

3. Make Each Book into a New Weekly Meal Plan

In my work, some clients need more specific meal plans than others (in my opinion, at least!), so creating a sample meal plan cookbook can be the perfect way to teach your clients the basics of meal planning… Especially if you do any hands-on food preparation or meal prep with clients. For example, design your cookbook with seven chapters — one for a new meal plan each day of the week — with each chapter containing a recipe for breakfast, lunch, dinner and a couple of snacks. If you’re making a book for yourself, this is an easy way to keep your meal plans, grocery lists and recipes all in the place. 

4. Turn Food Prep Staples into a Meal Plan within a Cookbook

Divide the chapters of your personalized Cookbook Create cookbook by food group so your clients can pick a recipe from each group to create a balanced plate. For example, you can design your cookbook full of meal prep stables… say, Chapter 1 is Veggies, Chapter 2 Whole Grains, Chapter 3 Lean Proteins. Then your clients can take a recipe from each chapter for a balanced plate all week long!

Meal Planning with Cookbook Create

Starting at $35 per cookbook, you can create a practice-specific cookbook that you give to clients as part of a welcome package or for reaching a milestone. I think this personalized touch makes a nutrition practice unique and will have your clients coming back for more! I’ve also been told that Cookbook Create is currently working on lowering the cost of their existing line and will soon offer a less expensive version as well!


So how would you use Cookbook Create to make meal planning fun and help your clients at the same time?? Share with me below!!

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