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How to Make That Summer Drink Extra Special

ice ring by lavin label

Summer is a great time to get playful with your mocktails and cocktails. The warm weather and longer days gives us time for those summer cookout parties where a fun, refreshing, and cold drink is necessary to have in hand. Here are some great DIY hacks to make you summer drinks extra special and extra chilled. Fear not, watered down drinks will not be an option. Check out our finds below!

3 Fun Ways to Add Summer Cheer to Your Drinks

Freeze melons by yes more please

Photo: Louise/Yes More Please

Frozen Melon Ball and Citrus Slice Ice Cubes

Using a melon baller, freeze scoops of your favorite melon variety for a sweet and flavorful packed iced cube. Slice your citrus into rounds, and then quarter the rounds. Place the mellon balls and citrus slices on a baking sheet and freeze. These pretty cubes add a great pop of color to your drink! Thanks to Ian and Mariana McEnroe from Yes, more please! for the great idea to help chill your summer drinks!

ice ring by lavin label

Photo: Monica/Lavin Label

Flavored Ice Cube Rings

Check out this great round-up of ice cube rings that will add more than a chill to your favorite pitcher drinks. Your go-to punch recipe just got way better.

Stunning Ice Bowls
Pinterest boards save the day! Head over to Entertaining: Fun with Ice to pick out your next DIY Ice Bowl. A pro-tip is boiling the water before freezing- this ensures crystal clear ice bowls! These are great and fun ways to cool down your favorite bottles while impressing your guests!



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