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Making a Family Cookbook

Recipe for Granny Bright's Iced Tea

After extensive research, I couldn’t find a site that would help me collect all of my family recipes and produce a cookbook in an easy way, at least not in the way I had imagined. It was apparent that the online tools for making a cookbook hadn’t really caught up with the advances in Web 2.0 and self-publishing technology.

I wanted to be able to take my the hand written version of Granny Bright’s Iced Tea recipe and get all of the other important family recipes from my relatives to include in one cookbook. I wished there was a place where I could invite my family members to collaborate and share recipes, family photos, and memories in a group setting – place where we all could contribute content to the cookbook. The tool would then allow me to design and edit a sleek, modern cookbook similar to SnapFish or Shutterfly, but designed specifically to manage recipes, photos and memories.

The more I explored, the more I heard other’s visions for producing their own cookbooks. I knew that lots of people were working on making their own cookbook, but without the aid of tools that were well designed to make their job easier. I heard time and time again that people needed a better way to share the recipes that matter to them. Whether its a way to swap recipes with your civic association, book club or a a group of friends or family.

Our mission was born: build a place where anyone can share recipes that matter with the people they choose and publish their collections as cookbooks.

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