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Perfect Pear Dessert Recipes

honey pear bread chew out loud

Photo: Amy/Chew Out Loud

With fall in full throttle, pears are hitting their peak season. Just like their counterpart, apples, pears are a great fruit to use in seasonal desserts. To inspire some autumn themed treats, here are some delicious and sweet desserts that feature the juicy fruit- pears! Check out these incredible recipes to make while pears are in their prime!

easiest pear tart with honey see and savour

Photo: Jennifer/See & Savour

The Easiest Pear Tart with Honey

Jennifer from See & Savour has created a super easy recipe with individual portions. Her tart recipe uses pre-made pastry dough to save time. This tart is topped with juicy pears, honey, and vanilla. It’s the perfect fall bite for the end of any meal!

cider poached pears with cinnamon whipped cream greens and chocolate

Photo: Taylor/Greens & Chocolate

Cider Poached Pears with Cinnamon Whipped Cream

If this dessert doesn’t say fall, I’m not sure what does. Taylor of Greens & Chocolate  creates a flavorful poached pear by using cider (of your preferred variety!) to pack in extra flavor. For a spiced topping, a cinnamon infused whipped cream is added as the finishing touch. Yum!

asian pear crisp with vanilla ice cream dang that's delicious

Photo: Donna and Stephen/Dang That’s Delicious

Asian Pear Crisp with Vanilla Ice Cream

Crisps and ice cream just seem like the perfect pair. Donna and Stephen, the dynamic duo  behind Dang That’s Delicious, have created their delicious fall twist on the beloved crisp. Using pears in the mix, gives a new take on this dessert. To finish it off, they of course add a big scoop of vanilla ice cream. Get this dessert baking and have your whole kitchen smelling wonderful!

red pear galette dish by dish

Photo: Felicia/Dish by Dish

Red Pear Galette

Love pies and tarts but don’t love the time it takes to make? Then galettes are for you! Felicia from Dish By Dish creates her galette, that is also gluten-free, by using a store-bought dough and filling it with red pears. This simple dessert will come together in no time!

honey pear bread chew out loud

Photo: Amy/Chew Out Loud

Honey Pear Bread

Move over banana bread- there’s a new fruit in town! Amy from Chew Out Loud has given this bread a healthier and fall themed spin. Filled with pears and warm spices like cinnamon, allspice, ginger, and cloves, this bread will have you tasting autumn in every bite.

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