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Saving Recipes on Cookbook Create

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Saving Recipes on Cookbook Create

Do you have a drawer in your kitchen jammed with handwritten recipes? Or perhaps a binder that’s currently overflowing with messy recipe print-outs? If so, Cookbook Create can help!

On Cookbook Create you can collect recipes with family and friends in group collections–you can even follow collections and keep up with what others are posting to the site. It’s super easy to turn any recipe saved to your profile into a perfectly personal cookbook with your own photos and style.

Adding your recipes to Cookbook Create allows you to digitally store and organize all of your most cherished recipes. And, of course, it will make it easier for you to turn them into your own custom cookbook.

You’ll never have to hunt down that recipe card for your favorite cookies again!

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Add My Recipes to Cookbook Create

  1. Go to your profile page. Click Add Recipe, located under your username and profile picture.
  2. Use the Add a Recipe page to type or copy and paste your recipe. You can even upload a photo to show off your delicious recipe!
  3. If you would like to organize this recipe to a collection, select which collection to add your recipe to under the Add to Your Collection–or you can create a new collection. If you do not wish to add this recipe to a specific collection, the recipe will save to your All Recipes collection on your account.
  4. Click Save Recipe.
  5. That’s it! You’ve saved a recipe to your account!


How Can I Save Community Recipes to My Profile?

Searching and saving community recipes to your profile is a great way to discover new tastes and flavors. Browse recipes created by other Cookbook Create community members to inspire your next meal and even add to a cookbook you are creating!

  1. Go to your profile page and scroll down to the Community Recipes
  2. Browse for recipes by category. Select the recipe you would like to save.
  3. Click the Heart Icon, located under the recipe title.
  4. Select the collection you want to save the recipe to with the check boxes or enter the name of a new collection.
  5. Congrats! You have saved a community recipe to your profile! Start searching for more to save and share!


What Can I do with Recipes Saved to My Profile?

Now that you have saved recipes to your profile you might be wondering, “Well, what do I do now?” Here are a few things you can do with recipes saved to your profile.

  • Recipes saved to your profile can be added to your personal cookbooks
  • You can add saved recipes to a group collections
  • Your public collections can be followed by others


How Do I Add a Recipe while Creating My Cookbook?

Did you know that you can add a new recipe to the site and to your cookbook at the same time? Here’s how:

  1. In Step 2 in the bookmaking tool, underneath the section to Add & Name Chapters, toggle to Select Recipes. Click on Add New Recipe. This will take you to the Adda Recipe page. Click Save Recipe.
  2. This recipe will appear in your cookbook, your All Recipe collection and any other collections you have saved it to.
  3. Now you know how to add a recipe while creating your cookbook! Start finding more recipes to add in and complete you cookbook!

There’s so much that you can do with recipes on Cookbook Create. So what are you waiting for? Get cookin’!

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