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Savory Recipes for Cinnamon Lovers

orange cinnamon beef stew the healthy foodie

Photo: Sonia/The Healthy Foodie

Cinnamon is an incredibly versatile spice. It lends itself to be used in sweet and savory recipes. It brings warm notes to desserts or a touch of spice to dishes such as soups and curries. If you love this beautiful spice and are looking for more ways to incorporate it into your diet (it has many health benefits!) then check out these savory recipes!

cinnamon apple turnip soup turnip the oven

Photo: Lucy/Turnip the Oven

Cinnamon Apple Turnip Soup

Cinnamon and apples are a classic combination, but how about using them in a soup? Adding them to this turnip soup with loads of garlic packs in fall flavors, or better yet to say turnips the flavor. Check out this creative recipe from Lucy of Turnip The Oven!


whole roast indian style masala chicken manila spoon

Photo: Abby/Manila Spoon

Whole Roast Masala Chicken

Love Indian flavors but not sure how to replicate them at home? Then check out this amazing roasted chicken recipe from Abby of Manila Spoon. Using yogurt and a traditional spice blend of garam masala, Abby created a flavor packed marinade to make you mouth water!

turkey apple breakfast hash fed and fulfilled

Photo: Joanna/Fed and Fulfilled

Turkey Apple Breakfast Hash

This is a great hearty and savory idea to make for breakfast. Joanna of Fed and Fulfilled creates her hash using zucchinis, apples, ground turkey, butternut squash, carrots, and spinach. Veggie-packed and full of healthy fats, this makes for the perfect and complete breakfast bite!

almond and sea salt crusted chicken with cinnamon pumpkin cream sauce cooking for keeps

Photo: Nicole/Cooking for Keeps

Almond and Sea Salt Crusted Chicken with Cinnamon Pumpkin Cream Sauce

Nicole from Cooking for Keeps is a Kansas-city based food blogger, who sure know her chicken! Her delicious and creative recipe highlighting cinnamon will have all your taste buds singing. Her chicken is crusted with panko and almonds for an extra crunchy bite and topped off with a luscious spiced pumpkin cream sauce. If looking for a special dinner for a date-night in, check out this recipe!

orange cinnamon beef stew the healthy foodie

Photo: Sonia/The Healthy Foodie

Orange Cinnamon Beef Stew

Cinnamon and beef? It does work! Check out this beautiful beef recipe from Sonia of The Healthy Foodie. Her beef stew is flavored with balsamic vinegar, bay leaves, garlic, and totally falls apart when you cut into it. Try this healthy stew and serve it over spiralized rutabagas!

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