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Spooky Halloween Treats

halloween witch finger bread sticks chef de home

Photo: Savita/Chef De Home

October means Halloween is right around the corner! While it’s still the beginning of the month, it isn’t too early to start planning out those adorable family costumes and fun foods to serve to celebrate the spooky day! Here are some great, kid friendly, and of course a little bit scary, Halloween treats to make. Easy to put together, these will be a hit at any spooky gathering. Beware, the ghosts might want a taste-test too!

homemade halloween mummy pizzas mom dot

Photo: Trisha/Mom Dot

Mini Mummy Pizza with English Muffins

Trisha from MomDot has created these adorable mummified english muffin bites, perfect for a Halloween gathering! Using traditional pizza ingredients, these mini english muffins are easily transformed into a scary mummy! Try these cute bites out!

frankenstein brownie recipe halloween hot chocolate hits

Photo: Vedika/Hot Chocolate Hits

Frankenstein Brownies

Any chocolate treat is always a win, especially on Halloween. But Vedika for Hot Chocolate Hits has kicked these brownies up a notch. Using frosting, candy, and sprinkles, these brownies get a spooky twist by being turned into frankenstein-faced monster bites!

spider eggs make it and love it halloween

Photo: Ashley/Make it & Love It

Creepy Crawly Spider Eggs

Deviled eggs are a great go-to to make for finger foods at a party. To get them in theme with Halloween, Ashley from Make It & Love It has added a creepy crawly twist! These eggs get their spooky spin by being turned into spider topped bites using olives to create the decor. While you might not enjoy real-life spiders, these eggs will having going yum!

halloween mummy pretzel treats simply being mommy

Photo: Crystal/Simply Being Mommy

Halloween Mummy Treats

Crystal from Simply Being Mommy has created these delicious chocolate dipped pretzel sticks with spooky mummy faces. Another great finger food for a party, these treats are easy to put together and require only a few ingredients. Get that chocolate melting!

halloween witch fingers bread sticks chef de home

Photo: Savita/Chef De Home

Creepy Witch Fingers Bread Sticks

Savita from Chef De Home has taken finger foods to a literal level. Her spooky Halloween snacks of witch finger bread sticks look like the real deal. Using pumpkin seeds to create a fingernail effect and dried blueberries for warts, this creative recipe is sure to be a hit at your spooky party!


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