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  • Dessert Recipes

    Brownie Cheesecake Recipe

      I have a confession to make. I’m obsessed with brownies. Specifically, warm brownies with an ice-cold glass of milk, and brownies swirled in with my ice cream. They’re a great pick-me-up after a…

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    Dessert Recipes

    S’mores Cupcakes Recipe

    My favorite part of summer is sitting around a campfire and eating s’mores. After a long day of swimming and running around, there is nothing better than curling up in a flannel blanket, watching…

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    Dessert Recipes

    Coconut Macaroons Recipe

    Because my family had a very loving relationship with food, many of my first memories involve being in a kitchen. At an early age I quickly learned that dessert was my absolute favorite thing–…

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    Dessert Recipes

    Whoopie Pies Recipe

    Whoopie Pies, also affectionately known as Moon Pies, were definitely a childhood favorite. These chewy, chocolate cookies cushioning a pillow of marshmallow fluff were the coveted snack of my elementary school lunchroom days. Luckily, becoming…

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    Dessert Recipes

    Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding

    I’m going to confess something: I have a really bad habit of buying really nice loaves of fresh-baked bread with all the good intentions of making delicious sandwiches and then totally forgetting about them.…

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    Dessert Recipes

    Raspberry Linzer Cookies Recipe

    When I was invited to my friend Jayson’s dinner party, I went in search of the perfect cookie recipe to bring for dessert. I had just moved into my new place and only had…

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    Dessert Holidays Recipes

    Chai Pumpkin Pie

    If you’ve ever made pumpkin pie without using pumpkin spice mix, and likewise, made your own chai without the tea mix, you may have realized that the two are not dissimilar. In fact, the…