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    Dessert Recipes

    Coconut Macaroons Recipe

    Because my family had a very loving relationship with food, many of my first memories involve being in a kitchen. At an early age I quickly learned that dessert was my absolute favorite thing–…

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    Holidays Recipes

    Coconut Mashed Sweet Potato

    Durring the weekdays, I cook for many school children with various food allergies. The kid’s allergies range from gluten and lactose intolerance to sever nut, tomato and pepper allergies. Accommodating children with different sets of allergies often means a recipe is…

  • Food Holidays Recipes

    Laura Bush’s Cowboy Cookies

    Though the Bushes have been out of the White House for some time now, and a bit removed from the public eye, Laura Bush’s Cowboy Cookies are unforgettable.  Imagine if you could combine all…

  • Recipes

    Buttermilk Coconut Pie

    Whenever she brings it to a picnic or dinner party, everyone raves.  They act like it’s the world’s biggest unsolved mystery and think it must have taken forever to prepare.  Second helpings, and sometimes…