The Sustainable Feast


Alright, I know what you’re thinking: sustainable feast—isn’t that an oxymoron? But with less
than a week before America’s traditional glutton fest, it’s important to note the ways you can still have a Thanksgiving feast without all the waste. Below is a short list of easy tips to make your meal better for you, your family and the environment:

1. Eat locally. Buy as much herbs, root vegetables and squash as you can at the farmer’s market or from a local seller. Most fresh produce is clearly labeled with it’s origin, so when you can, buy food that has traveled less (this will improve the flavor, too!)

2. Buy in season. Focusing your menu on late fall season foods (beets, butternut squash,
apples, etc.) will ensure that your produce is fresher and more local.

3. Save your scraps. Did you know that all the undesirable veggie scraps can be saved aside
and boiled into a delicious vegetable broth? Make a complex soup with your scraps and turkey carcass. Leftovers can be turned into a marvelous winter stew.

4. Buy a Heritage Turkey. Eat animals who were fed right, allowed to range and naturally breed. The quality of the meat will greatly improve, as will the energy that your body produces from it.

radish 25. Share and Store. Plan your portions carefully and invite lots of people over. The less you have leftover, the less you waste. Swap surplus sweet potatoes for your neighbors’ kale, invite friends over to help you polish off the remainder or your meal, or even freeze portions for a later date.

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