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What to Cook for Thanksgiving in Your Tiny Apartment- Turkey Alternatives

skillet cranberry roasted chicken and potatoes half baked harvest

Photo: Tieghan/Half Baked Harvest

While having a turkey on Thanksgiving just seems right in upholding tradition, sometimes it isn’t always possible. Perhaps this year you are keeping it low key or hosting the meal in your small apartment. Small apartments tend to mean small kitchens and tight cooking spaces that aren’t totally conducive to cooking a large bird. To help you celebrate Thanksgiving and not miss enjoying a delicious meat at your meal, check out these great alternatives to cooking a whole bird. Who knows- you might even like it better!

Butternut Squash Turkey Roulade with Apple Cider Gravy

Impress your guest with this large bird alternative while not getting cramped in your kitchen. Nicole from Cooking for Keeps has shared an impressive, delicious, and fall inspired turkey recipe that literally wraps up all the best parts of the meal. Turkey breasts are pounded thin and stuffed with a butternut squash puree and topped with an apple cider gravy, that make for a perfectly balanced bite.


Pork Stew with Hard Cider and Parsnips

If looking for a one pot hearty main to serve, check out this delicious and turkey-free recipe from Phoebe of Feed Me Phoebe. Pork butt is cooked in delicious and fatty pancetta until it is tender and parsnips are added to the mix for a texture contrast. Using hard cider and bourbon for flavoring, this stew screams fall and is the perfect alternative to cook in a small apartment, especially if you don’t like turkey.


Cranberry Glazed Turkey Breast Recipe

Instead of cooking a whole turkey, why not just cook the breasts? Victor from I Food Blogger shares his delicious recipe for turkey breast that is topped with a perfectly themed cranberry glaze. This easy one pan recipe is delicious, great for a small gathering, and anything but dry.


Butter Roasted Turkey Breasts

Can’t afford to cook a whole turkey but don’t want to skimp on that decadent roast? Instead try cooking breasts with pats of butter as Alison does in her recipe on Epicurious. Simply seasoned, the butter in this dish allows the meat to stay moist and gives it a luscious flavor.


Skillet Cranberry Roasted Chicken and Potatoes

Tieghan from Half Baked Harvest has the perfect one pan recipe to get your fix of meat and potatoes for your Thanksgiving meal. Using chicken instead of turkey, she seares the herb-rubbed chicken in a skillet for a golden color. The chicken and potatoes are then finished off in the oven and topped with a sweet and savory cranberry sauce. Yum!

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