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Tips on Saving Your Favorite Recipes

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“ Every bite is a memory, and the most powerful memories are the first ones.” – Bee Wilson, Author or First Bite


What we love most about food and cooking (aside from taste testing!) is how it brings people together. Throughout history and time, food has always been a central point for gatherings. Whether for various celebrations or holidays, incredible dishes seem to take a focal point.

Perhaps you have your family’s secret pound cake recipe passed down for generations (or maybe that’s just me!) and you are looking for a great way to preserve it. Here are some great tips on saving your favorite recipes, whether new or old, and ensuring that each time you make the recipe, that first bite is still the same.

Recipe Binders

Recipe binders are a great way to compile your favorite recipes whether those from newspaper clippings, magazines, or handwritten recipe cards. You can categorize by type, such as dessert, breads, or meats. Another great idea is to use laminate pages to help preserve your recipes from any spills in the kitchen!


Framing Iconic Recipes

A great way to add decor to your kitchen while preserving family favorite is by framing handwritten recipes. Using a simple frame can add a fresh look while also highlighting a beloved dish in your kitchen.


Organizing a Pinterest Board

Pinterest is a great way to digitally save your favorite recipes. Create boards to organize your favorite dishes (such as salad, soups, or cookies) and pin recipes you find from your favorite food blogs or Pinterest to each board. All your favorites will be at your fingertips!


Creating a Cookbook

Having a customized cookbook tailored to including your favorite recipes is a great way to keep your go-to meals easily at hand. Using Cookbook Create’s book-builder platform is a user friendly way to create your own cookbook that is personal and made with love.



What are your favorite ways to save recipes? Share with us in the comments below!


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