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The Ultimate Cookbook Gift Guide for the Cook in Your Life

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For the cook who has everything in your life, why not give them the gift of a stunning new cookbook? 2016 was a great year for fresh cookbooks that are a abundant with delicious recipe ideas that range from healthy, paleo, and even those that focus on baking with alternative flours. If in need of some great ideas of what to give, check out our list of the best cookbooks from this year to give the cook in your life! They won’t be disappointed!

For the Health Lover: Everything I want to Eat: Sqirl and the New California Cooking

From author Jessica Koslow who is the chef of Sqirl, and award-winning restaurant in Los Angeles, comes a beautiful cookbook showcasing the innovation in California cooking. This cookbook shares 100 recipes that are delicious, health-conscious, free of meat and refined sugar. If looking for a book for the health conscious cook, this is it!


For the Love Bird: Cooking for Jeffery: A Barefoot Contessa Cookbook

If you’ve ever watched the FoodNetwork then you have definitely seen Ina Garten cook. Her love of life, food, and of course her husband Jeffery come through each episode and recipe she cooks. Her newest cookbook shares personal stories of her loving relationship with her husband, their food adventures, and her favorite recipes to cook for the man she loves. This book makes a great gift for the cook who creates with love!


For the One with Wanderlust: Appetites: A Cookbook

Taking a break from his travels around the world and sipping on beers with Obama, Anthony Bourdain has released his newest cookbook- a first in ten years. Sharing recipes that are his personal favorites and some he thinks everyone should know how to cook, Bourdain creates a book that is filled with great recipes for home-entertaining and anecdotes about his travels.


For the Food Nerd: Alton Brown: Everyday Cook

Alton Brown is back and sharing his delicious recipes backed with science! The book is divided into sections by times of day and their accompanying meals. In addition to recipes, the book includes tips on tools and best cooking methods. Best of all, all the photos were shot on Alton’s iPhone!


For the Baker: Alternative Baker: Reinventing Dessert with Gluten-Free Grains and Flours

From the face behind the blog The Bojon Gourmet, Alanna Taylor-Tobin, comes a delicious cookbook filled with sweet desserts all made with alternative flours and grains! The book includes over 100 wholesome treats that use alternative flours that allows bakers to get creative in the kitchen.

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