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Waka What? Wakame- Your New Favorite Condiment and How to Use it

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One of the new food trends predicted for 2017 was an increase in the use of sea greens- one of those being Wakame. This sea vegetable is a type of seaweed. In Japan, it is most commonly served in soups and salads. But now it is being forecasted to be a favorite condiment used in a variety of ways. Hop on the 2017 food trend and try some wakame today!

Green Superfood Salad

Kelly from Tasting Page loves to share gluten free and dairy free recipes. This superfood salad is filled with kale, cucumber, avocado for healthy fats, and delicious seaweed! Tossed with with an apple cider vinegar and spicy avocado dressing, this salad packs so great flavor!

Sunomono (Cucumber Salad)

Love a good pickled salad? Then this recipe from Donna of Dang That’s Delicious is just the thing for you! Filled with cucumbers and dried seaweed, this dish is tossed with rice vinegar, sugar, soy sauce, and lemon juice. Tangy and tasty, make this dish for a gut-healthy side to any meal!

Love wakame? Share your favorite ways to use it in the kitchen in the comments below!

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