What I Want For Christmas: Kitchen Edition


Living in a small Brooklyn apartment with extremely limited space means there are kitchen items I dream of having and items that could realistically be mine all mine.  Over the years I’ve learned few gadgets actually make the cut for counter space priority and regular use.  Sure, that juicer I bought two years ago seemed like a healthy and practical purchase, and in someone else’s spacious kitchen with miles of counter space I am sure I would have used it on a daily basis.  But room in my kitchen is a precious commodity and I need cooking tools that will improve the way I cook not only as far as taste goes but in regards to the space they don’t take up.

I learned the importance of using a good chef’s knife when preparing dinner a number of years ago.  A friend came over to help make homemade lasagna and, while trying desperately to dice tomatoes with my poor excuse for a knife, he explained to me the importance of owning a quality knife.  And then he talked my boyfriend into getting me one of Christmas.  I now have a wonderful knife that does an impeccable job and takes up little to no space because it lives on a magnetic strip on the wall above my stove.  What I do not have and what I desperately need is a knife sharpener.  Not only does this Furi FUR626 knife sharpener have great reviews but it measures 1″ x 3.5″ x 4.5″ when folded up and will only set you back about $16.00.  It’s manual, so no electric parts to break or batteries to replace.

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