What I Want for Christmas: The Ultimate Gift


With Christmas time being right around the corner the entire team here at Cookbook Create has one thing on all of our minds …. what foodie gifts do we want for our Christmas wish list! I thought long and hard about what I on my wish list. Everything from engraved knives, a monogram cutting board, and luxury teas from my favorite chef, all ran across my mind, but then I came across the ULTIMATE gift!  “A Taste of Greatness,” via Neiman Marcus Holiday Fantasy Guide 2012 is the perfect gift for anyone that has say… $250,000 just laying around. A Taste of Greatness is exactly what you will be getting, with a 10 person dinner party planned and prepared in your home by a personal event planner and a meal cooked by 4 of the worlds greatest chefs Daniel Boulud, Thomas Keller, Jerome Bocuse, and Richard Rosendale. These chefs are in a class of their own with superb culinary knowledge, skill, and expertise, and the meals they prepare for this dinner party will be like none you have ever tasted.

Also included in this event package is a tequila tasting from Casa Dragones tequila, brought to you by Bertha Gonzalez,co-founder and CEO of Dragones Tequila, who is also the worlds 1st female maestra tequilera. Ms. Gonzalez, isn’t only bringing the art and craftsmanship of this prestigious tequila to dinner, she is also bringing personalized engraved crystal bottles along with her for each guest!

With this hefty price tag..also comes a good deed and thats also a large part of why I chose this for my christmas wish list (besides the amazing food of course!)  All the proceeds from this event go to the Bocuse d’Or USA  Foundation, and organization dedicated to inspiring culinary excellence in young professionals. Of course this gift is on my wish list but the idea is perfect and it also makes other happy and feel accomplished. And that to me is what spreading Christmas cheer is all about!

[ Photo via Neiman Marcus  ]

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